Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

The Fat Man Meets The Big Man

After nearly an hour had gone by without Garcia firing any roadies or levying any fines on musicians, Clarence began to wonder what kind of bush league organization he had joined.


  1. Cube

    I always figured the opposite. After however many years in the most rehearsed and regimented outfit in rock being a grateful dead was sweet sweet freedom. Saw a couple of the shows with the big man. It was a’ight

    • Billyrae

      Why do they hate the early 80s JGB. Billy K. On the drums and 2 keyboards going. I dont get it.

      • DCMACK

        I would love an official release of 6/16/1982 at Music Mountain. An AMAZING show with Billy on drums.

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