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IMG_2044You know my stance on memes, regardless of their dankitude, but this one was so dank I had to reconsider.

It was created by Swaggie Maggie, who, it must be said plainly, is handing all of you your asses. Sixteen-year-old kid and she is HOUSING you.

“Oh, TotD, we would like to contribute to the blog, but we have jobs and families and mortgages.”

Abandon your job. Drop your family off at one of those Safe Haven boxes* at the firehouse. While you’re at the firehouse, tell them that you’ve set your house on fire. Sell your stuff, give it to me, and hang out in the public library to use their WiFi. Come join my cult!

You can’t call it a cult.

Oh, right. Come join my death cult!


Also: Double Mustache Drum Section.


*You should be able to drop any family member into one of those boxes with no legal repercussion: babies, teens, spouses. Get your brother-in-law high and shove him into it.


  1. “Truly I tell you,” TotD replied, “no one who has left home or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or the women or the wine for me and my gospel will fail to receive a hundred times as much in this present age: homes, brothers, sisters, mothers, children and dankitude — along with persecutions (sorry about that) — and in the Dead to come eternal life. Many who like Maggie will be last, then again, the last will be first.”

  2. Ouch.. reading Ulysses, being 16 , a rather busy year, and owning us..

    1 day of stones had me beaten down, then this. I can barely go on.

  3. Interesting terminology: “she is housing you”. Perhaps Maggie could consider housing our dependents when we move into the Comments Section full time.

    I believe the right usage is “she is hosing you”. Also leads nicely into the fire station thing.

  4. My video is uploading..

    you suckaz have however long it takes for 600MB of bits and packets to make it to youtube, to get out the crepe paper, find the hot glue gun and get to work.

    You make sure to use the scissors with the blunt tips, it is late on a Saturday you are probably stoned.


  5. I will post this in the comments of the Veneta post as well.

  6. Bonnie Lass of Fenario

    August 29, 2015 at 11:21 pm

    I wanna be first in the cult!

  7. ns iuhweiun98 oivousn

      • In all fairness I came into the post trippin huge balls. The meme had me laughing so hard, I nearly pee’d me seff. Then when I tried to post a comment, that came out. I almost fixed it, but then considered how entirely fucked up it was. How could I not leave it?
        *Note any show at SPAC unless you crest the “lawn seats” hill. the sound sucks. (way worse if you are cosmically yellow from the orange sunshine) honestly its a mothafukkin rock and roll show. I should not be able to hold a conversation without yelling. Rookies

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