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Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

To Seek A Kiss Not Mine Alone

It’s not true love ’til the pistols get drawn.

Goddamn it, are you reading about Frank and Ava again?

They were like Romeo and Juliet.

Yes. Childish and destructive.



    Check out franks pad, I can’t remember what year but check the basket full of smokes and sound system worthy of owsley.

  2. See, what want is just to dine and drink along with both Mr. Sinatra and Ms Ava. Assorted fish courses…pasta of course…crusty rolls…several species of furry alcohol groovin with a tooth pic…seltzer and coffee in equal sized vessels at your beckon call…

    There’s cool and there’s “Frank and Ava” cool.

    Happy Birthday Mickey.

  3. Frank was pretty much a POS but the Ava thing kind of humanized him and this song says it all. He was a big deal but so much bigger because of Ava.

  4. I thought ToFS would be good but ToAG might be even better. I haven’t read anything about bullfighters since I read The Huge Season.

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