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Wait, What (Again)

I’ve had this scene in my head for 40 years, and I’m only finding out today that one of the Airmen was Leo McGarry? AND THE OTHER ONE WAS BABY MICHAEL FUCKIN’ MADSEN?


  1. Cube

    Absolutley! First, for sure that scene was burned into my subconscious. It provided the look and feel of every thought I’ve had about armageddon since then. Second, I also rewatched recently and noticed leo. I think it’s even conceivable that it’s the same character. Military officer in high sensitivity role goes on to WH chief of staff in the bartlet administration. Didnt pick up on Madsen until now though;)

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      I went back and forth nine times in two minutes.

      “That looks like Michael Madsen. But it couldn’t be. But it sure looks like him. But naaaaah. But that jawline…”

    • dawn

      leo would be the man for that job. but i think he was a pilot in vietnam.

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