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What Have I Told You About Getting Old?

Got a worse performance? Post it in the Comment Section, along with how far into the video you made it. (I got to 2:44 before I bailed.) Winner gets invited on the upcoming TotDcast.


  1. I made it to 2:24.

  2. I am a longtime (like WAY too long time, in Internet years) member of a mostly UK forum. Every so often, they all fall all over themselves in group apoplexy about how wonderful Kevin Rowland and Dexy’s are. And when I say (as I have many times) that I don’t see or get it, I am dismissed as an ignant ‘Merican.

    They really are terrible though, aren’t they? How have they managed to brainwash an entire island nation to believe otherwise?

    Widely viewed as the worst song of the 80’s even if played perfectly.

  4. Mean Green Devil Eating Machine

    January 22, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    I don’t which is scarier? Knowing that these videos exist? Or that you guys are watching them?

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