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bobby jerry donna color awesomeGuys, can you give us a hand here? What show is this?

“I think it’s 1974.”

“It’s ’73, Mrs. Donna Jean.”

“What? ’73?”


“I sincerely thought we were in Santa Clara.”

“Okay, first of all, Bobby: I’m alive.”

“Jer, you always know how to get to the heart of an argument.”

“Thanks, Bob.”

“I thought we had all kinda just agreed not to talk about Santa Clara anymore?’

“Oh, yeah. That, too.”

“Also, um…”

“Yeah, uh…”

“Oh, I know y’all mean me.”

“Sorry, Mrs. Donna Jean.”


You are absolutely no help.


  1. Jer appears to be playing Alligator (the Strat that Graham Nash gave him, with Alligator sticker). That would date this 72-73. He got Wolf in May ’73 so it’s likely before that. PS, I’m not a guitar Know It All. Jer’s guitar history is here

    • I see that Jer is still playing Alligator at Watkins Glen 7/28/73 (from photo in ToD ‘Watkins Men’ post). So he apparently didn’t swap to Wolf exclusively when Wolf arrived.

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