Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To




What was the presentation concept here?

“This was all the speakers we had.”

You didn’t answer my question.

“Pretty sure I did.”

Was there any thought given to the aesthetics?

“I think Weir was wearing a tank top. Girls seemed to dig that.”

It’s just so janky.

“1978, man. Janky-ass year.”




  1. Slippery Pete

    Looks like the PA stacks are held up with cables from the club level, but the SBD structure looks like it’d collapse if someone flicked a cigarette at it too hard

  2. MJK

    Bill Graham voice, “on drums on stage left. . . ” next to the drums on stage left is a stack of neatly placed Mcintosh 2300 that warms my heart and even the hopped up, freebase loving Precarious would take the time and care to load on stage in what could only be described as a professional job well done. as for the rest of it, well duct tape and empty road cases could work wonders in a pinch, but i digress.

  3. andrewflack

    It’s a wonder more of us didn’t die, and sooner.

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