Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

I Think I Wrote A Symphony

Better piano-based coda than Layla. I said it, and I stand by it.


  1. beece

    Yes, you said it. But, unfortunately, it was not an accurate thing to say.

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      Any piece of music without Eric Clapton is better than any piece of music with Eric Clapton. FACTS.

      • beece

        JJ Cale called and said he agrees with you.

      • Frog

        Strong point. But at the end of Layla I’m listening mostly to Duane, am I not? I like me some Duane.

        • Carlos

          Actually the piano coda at the end of Layla was tacked on by producer whatever his name was – Tom dowd- it was a snippet he happened to record from a classically trained pianist/roadie for the band who happened to sit down in the studio and play it one day while tape was rolling. Apparently he later got to play the part onstage during concerts.

  2. wrayven

    You’re not the only one. November Rain simply rules. The coda is its best section

  3. JES

    Me and my wife were, frankly speaking, poor when the “Use Your Illusion” albums came out, and we could (barely) afford to buy one of the albums in the month when they were released, as much as we wanted both of them, having had our brains exploded by hearing “Welcome to the Jungle” on a dance floor together a couple of years earlier. There were multiple conversations around the dinner table that month, while eating Minnesota Hot Dish, about which one we should get first. We ended up opting for “Use Your Illusion 1,” in large part because that cold November rain vibe corresponded to what we were experiencing in deepest, darkest Idaho at the time. It is a family special to this day accordingly. I generally do not tell my daughter that we chose a GnR album over nutritional food for her that month, though that is the reality we experienced at the time . . .

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      I, too, had only the funds for one of the two UYI’s, and made the same choice for the same reason.

  4. Chris Sobik

    The disco borkskits play >November rain coda and it slaps.

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