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More Possible Additions To Donald Trump’s Team Of Impeachment Lawyers

“Trump has been telling associates and allies around him that he wanted a “high profile” legal team that can perform on television, the source said. It’s simply who Trump is, the source continued, adding Trump loves having people who are on television working for him.” – CNN, 1/18/20
  • Matlock.
  • “The homo in the wheelchair.” (President Trump does not recall Ironsides’ name.)
  • “Cosby’s wife, the black chick.” (President Trump also does not remember Claire Huxtable’s name.)
  • Quincy. (When informed that Quincy was a medical examiner who solved crime, and not a lawyer, President Trump threw a 20-minute tantrum in which he screamed the phrase “THEY’RE THE SAME JOB, YOU STUPID BABIES” at several four-star generals at least two dozen times.)
  •  My Cousin Vinny.
  • “The one from Law & Order with the big tits who clomped around. Terrible walk, but great tits. Laura Something Italian. Probably very hairy down there, but great tits. Wonder if the face has held up? We won’t let her do anything, but there should be some pussy at the table. Gotta have pussy at the table, right? You all know that you need pussy at the table. Right, Pence? Are you crying again?”
  • Saul Goodman.
  • “Wasn’t Captain Kirk a lawyer? After he retired from Starfleet, he was a lawyer in Boston. Get me the Captain.”
  • Night Court. (That’s all President Trump said. “Night Court.” When asked to expound, he began bellowing “NIGHT COURT, YOU FUCKING MORONS! NIGHT COURT! NIGHT COURT” over and over until a Filet-O-Fish sandwich was procured.)


  1. You forgot Tiffany Trump-she’s about done with her law degree.

  2. Is that the same Saul Goodman who played timpani with the New York Phil?

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