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Oh, Why Not?

john mayer sammy

You all think I’m kidding, and that the Red Rocker’s appearance at the Fillmore show was a one-off deal; I’m not, and it wasn’t.

Sammy Hagar is now a Grateful Dead.


  1. Can we talk about something besides Sammy?

    Like a bad decision it is something best forgotten.

  2. Ernie, my cab driving comrade (it was a co-op) drove Sammy around on an all-day excursion out of Sacramento once, some years ago. Had nothing but praise for the man. Which certifies him as one of the gente, in my book.

    Haven’t heard Hagar doing any GD songs yet. But I’m a fan of his version of Lowell George’s “A Apolitical Blues”, which is incidentally a tune that sums up my current mood pretty much exactly perfect.

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