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Our First Batch Of Winners*

We return, Enthusiasts, to the Dylan Cover Contest, which I again remind you is not a competition. Some of you have followed orders and posted your choices in the Comment Section, where  asked you to, and others of you–roundheaded cheese-thieves that you are–answered on Twitter. Some of your picks are brilliant, and a couple of you like that lady who sings in French.

You know that TotD is not xenophobic, but the site does have a policy regarding foreigners, and that is: They should be hated and feared, Doubly so if they talk gobbledygook, and these gobblings were on purpose! Fuckface Condition was a British band. They chose to sing in French. Serge Gainsbourg sang in French, but he didn’t have any other options. Maybe scat-singing. But this was a brunette lady named Sandy who grew up in London, so I can get mad at her decisions.

It is of very little use getting mad at Nina Simone.

Miss Simone will not care, hopefully. If she does notice, you should duck. (The sign of a true diva: like Elvis and Miles, Miss Simone enjoyed shooting at her business associates, generally while indoors.)

Hey, Bob Dylan.

“I need drugs and a dogsitter.”

I’ll work on it.

All you can hear is Jimi’s voice and guitar, but no one’s hitting play for Chas Chandler. (That would, however, be a Rock Nerd Power Opinion: I think Jimi Hendrix never recovered after losing Chas. Pull that one out of your cargo pants at the next Phish Scholars conference; you’ll start a riot.)


*It is in no way a contest. This title is misleading, at best. I don’t understand how these mistakes keep getting through.


  1. Luther Von Baconson

    June 15, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Just saw the jimi John Phillips narrating

  2. How about Eddie Vedder and GE Smith on Masters of War?

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