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Saving Private Rando

bobby politico randos

“Fuckers want a fight? They got one.”

Why are you all taking this so seriously?

“Cuz it’s not a Rando Game, man.”

Yeah, okay.

“Look at these. You ever seen randos this randy?”

The rand factor is off the charts with these two.

“You see Josh, Billy, any of ’em? You tell ’em Bobby’s coming. AND RANDOS ARE COMING WITH ME!”

Can’t you tell them yourself?

“Rando Wars are proxy wars.”

This is the dumbest storyline yet.

“It’s not as bad as Mecha-Billy.”

That’s not a good argument. Nothing’s as bad as Mecha-Billy.

“Can’t all be winners.”


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  1. no way. mecha-billy was the best!

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