Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Shout It Out Loud

Now, what I heard was “TotD can cowrite my book.” You tell me what you heard.

(Watch right after Bobby gets introduced. I figured out how to have the video start at the right time. But go to 20:51 if you’re watching the whole thing.)

And go check out Musics4Masks, a new charity dealybob started by Bobby and Dave Schools that is repurposing unsellable Summer Tour 2020 merch into facemasks.


  1. J. Eric Smith

    Yeah, I’d consider that a clear and binding contract with enforceable promise of a generous advance, top-line billing, and a sweet royalty split. Congrats!!

    • Thoughts On The Dead

      And final edit. I heard final edit, too.

      • JES

        Yes, yes, that too. Won’t Bobby be pleased!!

  2. BJN

    That was badass

  3. Jess

    Fantastic! The Grateful Dead is community like no other; we love you TotD.

  4. Merriweather Gooney Bird (@towerofdabble)

    “And photo captions”

  5. Tom Moreno

    That was a huge shout out. I too love and appreciate your work, but that matters a lot less than bob’s opinion

  6. Murray

    Mazel tov. Now, I wanna’ know what Billy and Phil think of your work.

  7. Anthony Pulsipher

    Did you do some kind of deep fake here?

  8. bry

    Rick! huh.

  9. MJK

    You’ve made it Rick!! Doesn’t get any better than that, to have him very enthusiastically praising your work, thats as high a praise as one could get!! And Bobby commenting was pretty cool too. Joking of course. “i enjoy his musings (slight pause) immensely.” i couldn’t be happier for you. Kol HaKavod, but i digress

  10. hcm

    Magnificent (and, of course, well deserved) praise from Bobert. And the obviously agreed upon via ironclad video/verbal contact book is gonna be fantastic.

  11. dawn

    wow! i thought you were joking!

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