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There’s Always A Dead Connection, Volume 312: Chicago Edition

This is the Universal Music Publishing Group, or UMPG. It used to be MCA Music, which was a subsidiary of the Music Corporation of America, a company founded by Jules Stein in 1924 to book acts into nightclubs. You’d be amazed at the types of people you meet in nightclubs.

MCA became the most powerful company in Hollywood under the leadership of a guy named Lew Wasserman. This is Lew:

Lew was cunning, and ruthless, and brilliant, but most of all: Lew was lucky. Never–not once–did any of his productions have union troubles. Lucky guy.

Wanna guess who Lew’s best friend was? (As far as mogul types have best friends, anyway.) C’mon, guess.

Sid Korshak! Lew used to start every day with a call to Sid, and that’s the way his day ended, too. Maybe they talked about baseball, or the weather. Sid was Lew’s bestest friend, except for one other guy, a former lifeguard from Illinois.

Always a Dead connection.


  1. The Edie & Lew Wasserman Building houses part of the Jules Stein Eye Institute, which is on Westwood Blvd across the street from the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. I’m not aware of any Sid Korshak memorials in the neighborhood.

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