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Thoughts On Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Something

With the subject restrained in a seated position, one or both of the eyeballs is extruded from the socket. This can be accomplished with a common long-handled spoon, or simply a practiced thumb. The optic nerve and blood vessels are left intact so that the eyeball–now dangling limp at nostril-level–can continue to feed information to the brain. (Care should be taken to keep the eyeball moist via regular applications of a saline solution.) This method of preparation makes genital mutilation far more efficacious.

And THAT’S what I thought of Batman v. Superman.


  1. Robert Hernandez

    January 14, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    Silver lining. It did have WW.

  2. Will you also be reviewing the Lego Batman movie? I am assured that this is indeed a “thing” by a commercial on FOX during the Packer-Cowboy game.

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