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Your Bobby Is A Wonderland


About John Mayer, only this needs to be said: he’s really into vintage watches. Make of that what you will.

Also, Bobby has accidentally super-glued his hand to his beard again.



    What an asshole!

    Seriously, though, John Mayer sucks.

    • Ha!

      I was more implicating the “spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on toys” part of it, not the “arbitrary thing to be obsessed with” part.

    • You are a handsome and powerful man.

      • Ha ha. That is ridiculous, but I’ll take what I can get.

        The watch thing: I lurk casually at a watch enthusiasts forum because I’m supposed to have children by now and mostly don’t have anything important to do with myself. Because of that, I know that JM spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars on Rolexes that were fake or full of non-Rolex parts and whatnot.

        Not that anyone deserves to be ripped off or anything, but John Mayer still sucks.

        • John Mayer buying fake watches cuz he has more money than sense is perfect and hilarious.

          In my head, he bought them from a guy in a trenchcoat doing the ol’ “wanna buy a watch?” bit.

  2. Any word on Mrs. Donna Godchaux making an appearance? Or is it still “mums the word” around her about the 50th anniversary gig?

  3. And who is John Mayer? I live in Alaska, so I’m not always up to speed on stuff. I hope for his sake he’s not who the boys recruited for keyboards. Those guys aren’t always long for this earth.

    • One word: Racist penis.

    • Seriously, I hope not. As far as I know he’s a guy who sorta occupies the same space as Jack Johnson – the jammiest music that you’ll hear at Whole Foods, but still music that you’ll hear at Whole Foods – and who has dated Jennifer Aniston, and who bought a bunch of fake watches.

  4. John Mayer sings that awful song? Now I know why I always want to shove knives into my ears every time it comes on.

  5. Bobby managed to both stay upright and remember all of the words for “Truckin'”. That bodes well for those of you heading to Chicago.

  6. ” So, NO relation at all to ‘Oscar’, John? You tried and everything?”
    “I’m positive, Bob.”
    “Cool, cool. I can dig it. Hey, have Katy Perry and Jessica Aniston ever met? Like, in your bed maybe, with some type of video recording thingy nearby and..”
    “Bob. BOB! ENOUGH! I thought we put all this to rest when you showed me your “teen foxes scrapbook” and told me you’d trade me your Cannondale carbon fiber mountain bike for a picture of Katy. Or Taylor. Now, are we gonna run through “Money Money” once more or not?”

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