What is this all about?

“The, uh, Wolf Bros have taken on a Pup.”

Don’t call him that.

“Kid’s coming on the tour with us. He’s gonna be New Josh. Just as cute, and far fewer regrettable interviews. And, uh, I can pay him much, much less. Kid’s a winner all the way ’round.”

Do you know his name?

“Not as such. But I could pick him out of a crowd. Especially if the crowd was made up of the Wolf Bros. He stands out.”

Matt Jaffe is his name.

“Oh, no. Matt is Matt Busch’s name. Can’t have two Matts on one bus. Terrible luck.”

Is it?

“It’s like going to the theater when you’re named MacBeth. Bad hoo-doo.”

Didn’t know that.

“Way more name-related superstitions than you’d imagine.”

I learned something here.