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Lightning Round

Image result for dan rather bob“Bobby, this has been a blast.”

“Yeah, okay.”

“But before we go: lightning round.”

“Ooh. Love this game Okay: we going punch-for-punch or is there money on the line?”


“Let’s play the feud!”

“Do you know what’s going on here, Bob?”


“Good enough. Lightning round. Here we go: Woodstock.”

“My good buddy.”

“Not the bird, the concert.”





“Also sandy.”


“Jimi Hendrix.”





“Has Billy made a run at Katy Perry?”


“Always a pleasure, Bob.”

“I have no idea who you are.”

“Join the club.”


  1. Oh snap, Rather makes the best-ever sled dog joke at bobby’s expense. hahaha
    If you are not the lead dog, the view never changes much.

    • I really wanted to call bullshit on the whole McCoy Tyner references that Bobby likes to throw around,

      So I listened to a Love Supreme, hoping to find some ammunition to pile on Bobby a little bit.

      Maybe when Totd is done with his date he can bring McCoy in to his world for a visit, maybe Billy Cobham can join in, or Ornette Coleman.

      After listening to Love Supreme, which I am sure is the record he is talking about I do see his point.

      And I think he was really trying to sound like that, listen to the run of notes, find a fat open chord that fits but does not get in the way, hit it and let it ring and wait for the lead to come back around and do it all again.


    You should have seen Dans face when Weir tried to explain to him why he blew off a potential full ride to Stanford in order to form a jug band.

    A lightning round of Family Feud would be hilarious, but Booby on 25,000 Pyramid would be epic.

  3. More Lightning Round Outakes w Dan & Bobby

    “John Mayer”

    “Oscar Kardashian”

    “Katys Bewbs”

    “Fake Rainbow”

    “Sammy Hagar”

    “Hammy Cigar”

    “Benji Eisen”

    “Murph & The Magic Tones”



    “Core 4”

    “And 20 Years Ago”

    “Core 3”

    “Phil Chalk Outline”

    “Core 2”

    “The Plot Moistens”

    “Core 1”

    “Uh Oh Shit Just Got Real”

    “Core Zero”

    “In Walton We Trust”

  4. If I had a nickel for every time Bobby invokes McCoy Tyner, I’d be dead.

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