Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Passing Shadows

You’re alone; you may die. This is your natural state, but now you’ve noticed and that is a knowledge that tends to tighten the mind. Take a breath, another, another.  Rub one out, two. This can’t be the end; you never learned to play the bassoon.

The priest sliced through the chicken’s belly. The politician watched over his shoulder.
Entrails on the cobblestone, a certain arrangement.
“Is it auspicious?” the politician asked.
“It is difficult to tell,” the priest said.
“Let’s do the ritual again.”
“I got plenty of chickens.”

And all the angels warned you to get out of town.


  1. MJK

    Precarious left the kitchen chair he was using to stand on to haphazardly stack the amps on stage, but, alas, Jerry could care less. Phil gave him what for after the first set but Precarious had long ago learned to tune out the bass players complaining. but i digress. MK

  2. jobyac

    Did JG play any pedal steel in ’72?

  3. Michael DeBruin

    Old Testament reference. Nice.

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