Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Say “Cheese”

Hey, Garcia. Gonna stop by the lunch counter at Kresge’s after this and buy yourself a grilled cheese?

“That’s not the worst idea you’ve ever had, man. Might send Parish over for one.”

Can’t go wrong with grilled cheese.

“Oh, sure you can. Some folks wanna get fancy with it. Fresh baked bread, artisanal cheese. And that ruins your sandwich, man. You want Wonder Bread and Kraft Singles. Everything you need for a good grilled cheese is available at 7-11. Don’t get frou-frou.”

I agree completely.

“I know how to play a little guitar, and how not to fuck up lunch. Beyond that, you wanna ask someone else.”

DUDE! Someone just yoinked your briefcase!


“It’s sitting right there, man.”

I know. I was fucking with you.

“This is the kind of shit that makes people not like you.”

I know.


  1. Dick Scratcher

    Not cool man!! Don’t fuck with Jerry like that you’ll give him another heart attack

  2. Mean. Green. Devil Eating Machine

    We did say we were going to go over there if the backstage buffet was not up to snuff.

  3. Mean. Green, Devil Eating Machine

    We were going to go there, but the backstage buffet had grilled cheese.

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