Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

The Fullest Muppet Possible Given The Genetics

No one gives your ’77 beard enough credit.

“Yeah, she’s pretty manly.”

I don’t know if that sentence makes sense.

“Well, obviously my beard is female.”


“It’s, uh, sitting on my face. Not to get too Billy about the whole thing, but only ladies are allowed to saddle up.”


“But, you know, the characteristics displayed are masculine. Robustness, stolidity, forward-thinking.”

If you say so. Why do you have Dee Dee Ramone’s haircut?

“I asked for it specifically. Gotta keep up with the punkers.”

Okay. Tell Phil I say hi.

“He’s not fond of you.”

I’m aware.


  1. Tor Haxson

    They both have pentagrams on knobs on the guitars..

    Witchcraft for sure.

  2. Cube

    I love that guitar – the only mass produced Grateful Dead “signature” model ever. Its a constant battle to convince myself not too buy one. I don’t need it – especially at the going rate. I don’t. I don’t. I don’t.

    I’m guessing the extra knob is a blend for the added middle single coil pickup. Totally fucking essential feature. Without that, it’s a Les Paul with pretty inlays.

    • Dave Froth

      Dude, you could really use one of those.

  3. Cube

    Hey, look its one for (a penny) under a grand

    Somebody yoinked the original pickups, the neck joint looks kinda bush league, and its not the one with the pretty inlays.

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