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There’s Not Enough Question Marks For This One

The important questions, Enthusiasts. We concern ourselves with only the most vital of the day’s issues. Let lesser sites finger their rosaries over peace, war, coffee cups left on tables, et cetera. These are trifles. No, we’ll not be spending our ever-shrinking lives boodling about in the intellectual shallow end. We’re gonna get down to what’s really real, you and me.

And, thus, we come to our question: Did Phil yoink Bobby’s BMW shirt?

I told you it was important.


  1. Bob might’ve lifted that SG form JG.

  2. Only word that comes to mind is sardines. How can you really enjoy a show packed in like that?

  3. What’s the deal with Jerry’s mocha and white strat with numbered frets? Haven’t seen that one. Same guitar as on the ToTD page header, but with a different pick guard?

  4. Dick Scratcher

    May 16, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    First thing i thought when i saw that picture was Hey thats Phils BMW shirt XD
    But Bobby wore it first!

  5. Phil with the Eat A Peach shirt.

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