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Got your ticket yet for the meet-up?


  1. Strangely enough, even right here in the midst of the Dead’s home turf (Redwood City, CA), the theater at the last two meet-ups has been no more than 1/4 full. This has made for a very comfortable viewing experience, but there isn’t much need to buy tickets in advance. I can’t even drag my wife to it, but I’ll be there for sure.

    • Have you tried offering Mrs. 2973 sexytime? or, conversely, a repite from offers of sexytime?

      We get a decent crowd here in Boynton Beach. Maybe a little better: a third, about. Definitely enough space to stretch out and not have to step on anyone’s toes during drum solo bathroom breaks.

    • Why do I know Redwood City visavis the Dead? Was Alembic there?

      • Redwood City is in San Mateo County, south of SF. It is the headquarters of Ampex, which had a lot to do with the development of magnetic tape and recording technology. That’s probably the most direct connection with the Dead. It’s also just north of Menlo Park, where the Warlocks played their first gig at Magoo’s Pizza Parlor on 5/5/65, and just south of San Carlos, where the Dead played a lot later that year. I don’t think they ever played in RWC, however.

        Alembic moved around between SF and the North Bay, but was never down here.

        As for Mrs. 2973, she’s a lost cause. “It’s too loud!”

  2. Last year, after Sunshine Daydream had finished and we were all lined up to piss, a dude behind me in line said “NOW I feel like I’m at a goddam concert.”

  3. I’m all for the music warts and all but a few pixels on Mr ding song would have helped quite a bit. Why is always a dude dancing naked?

  4. Better late than never…

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