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Cantor Won’t

band onstage bw pitt 73

Bobby was having trouble with the concept of “infinite amplifiers” and Phil tried to explain it by having Bobby picture a hotel with infinite rooms, then having that hotel add double the amount of rooms and five minutes in, Phil could tell Bobby wasn’t listening, so he said “Look behind you,” and went back to trying to figure out what the hell all the knobs on his bass did.


  1. PA of Babel.

    • I might be stealing that for a fable…

      I will, however, split all profits with you right down the middle 60/40 after I assess various fees, comissions, honorariums, and hush monies.

      • Deal. I’m sure the idea can be taken somewhere brilliant, but cannot take it there myself.

        I’ve been Borges’ frustrated librarian, listening through months of bullshit ’83 tapes to find remembered nuggets of brilliance that turned out not to exist.

        Probably I was just young or high or in love or something at the time. Or at least it was a nice day with the windows down and AC up, and say man, isn’t this just the bitchinest Brother Esau?

        Also, “thick air” should be worked in somehow.

        • Not a lot of gold in ’83. I’ve been slowly discovering the early 80’s, but there’s really not a ton in there that holds up.

          But I do loves me some Brother Esau.

  2. I really dig Fadeaways from that era. I do like Esau once in a while but find Barlow stuff overwrought. He’s not objectively bad, but I’m spoiled by Hunter songs.

    The band sounded ragged on their own by then, but what does at least as much to keep me away from those years is Healy’s weird-ass… whatever he was doing with the panning and wanking the delay up and down and whatnot. Maybe it made sense in context of whatever stadium, PA… I dunno.

  3. bingosbrother

    June 1, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    I figured “hotel ass” would’ve come up in the comments. I was wrong.

    The way Bobby always has his knee bent like that gives him a very horse like quality. Possible centaur.

  4. bingosbrother

    June 2, 2014 at 12:01 am

    Guess that’s why you used Cantor. I’m a little slow.

    • Cantor’s the guy who first came up with the math relating to infinitity (well, after Newton and Leibniz). Little pun.

      As for “hotel ass”…forgive us our typos as we forgive those who typo against us. 🙂

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