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bobby jerry phil singing 78

1978 was a self-actualized year, as far as pictures go. Sometimes you’ll see a Baby Dead photo and think, “’69? ’70?” or one from the 90’s and not care, but when you see a picture from 1978, you say, “That picture is from 1978.” 1978 was more 1978 than, say, 1984 was 1984, if that makes any sense.

Also: this picture is Texas Hold ‘Em, but with Dead shirt-wearin’. Three cards up, and the drummers are down. There could potentially be three humans in the same band wearing the shirt of the band that they’re in. (I am not including the Godchauxes because they have never clicked the Donate Button.)

A question for the researchers: what is the greatest number of Grateful Deads Dead shirt-wearin’ at one show?

Issues to consider:

  1. Are we asking about raw numbers, or are we concerned with ratio? If every Grateful Dead wore a Dead shirt to a show in the summer of ’70, that would be fewer than most of the band donning stolen merch in ’77.
  2. What counts as a Dead shirt? Billy wore a shirt with a big Garcia face on it one time: does that count?
  3. Speaking of Garcia: does the black t-shirt count as a Dead shirt?

The answer to this question is within our grasps, Enthusiasts.


  1. It’s tougher than it sound to find them all wearing Dead shirts. Fillmore shirts no problem.

  2. I give up..

    I think you could get Jerry in Grateful Dead black shorts, he wore them in Eugene 1993, and a drummer and either Bobby or Phil for a total of 4 out of 6.

    The shorts are really your best chance to get Jerry in the game.

    Actually that Eugene show might be good I could not find a picture of Phil or the drummers to see what they had, but the grateful dead shorts on Jerry had me hoping for a win.

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