Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

This One’s In B

One must assume that Mickey only brought underwear and socks on tour, and each day wandered–bare-chested and half-cocked–by the merch table to yoink himself a fetching top.


If Mrs. Donna Jean had balls, they’d fall out of those shorts. Balls are always looking for a way out; they’re like Papillon.


What the hell is Bobby playing? It’s an Ibanez, but it’s not Cowboy Fancy. Anyone?

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  1. Cube

    Ibanez musician. Production model – I once had one. Supposedly they developed it with the idea that Garcia would play/promote it. Bobby I think only played this one at red rocks in 78 (why in fuck do I know that??? That’s some serious fucking minutea.) Like any good 70s guitar it had a giant brass bridge,a thru neck, and weighed about 40 pounds.

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