Musings on the Most Ridiculous Band I Can't Stop Listening To

Saturday In The Park, I Think It Wasn’t The Fourth Of July

40% casualty rate is good, right?


Billy found his drum kit in a Cracker Jack box.


Why are they set up like a normal band? Pig should be on a different truck ten yards away, or Phil should be in the driver’s seat. This is, like, how you’re supposed to do it.


Phil still weighs exactly the same, and still has the same amount of hair.


Young Garcia = Chubby Slash.


That fucker was at every single rockyroll show in the 60’s. The shirtless dude with no body fat doing his freaky-deaky arm-wavey dance? He was at every show.


Obviously, Pig is not playing the gargantuan Hammond B3 organ that was his usual instrument; that is a far more portable (and affordable) Vox Continental, and it is unbelievably cool.

See? Sounds good, too:



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  1. Carlos

    I might be remembering wrong but I think that is the toronto 1967 show played at coronation park ( I’ve seen video from it) right by Lake Ontario, here is rare footage of place royale free show in Montreal downtown that Phil talks about in his book as the sound bouncing off the buildings, this clip is silent alas.

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